I have no idea what I’m doing…

…but I guess I have to start somewhere.

I’ve always wanted to create a blog but, being the perfectionist that I am, every time I think about getting started I get bogged down in design details. So this time around I’m just doing it and will figure it out as I go along. For starters I’m taking a Blogging U. course through WordPress.com. Guess we’ll see where it leads. I may found out I’m not very good at this or maybe what I have to blog about won’t be worth anything to anyone but me. But that’s ok. I don’t even know what I’ll blog about so we’ll have to see how this evolves. 

A little about me…I’m mom to 4 great kids. Oldest is 28 and just found out she’s having her first baby which means I’m getting my first grand baby. I’m super happy for her but I’m NOT super crazy about being called Grandma or any other “granny” type names. So I decided I’ll be called Alli. I ran it past my daughter and she likes it so there ya go. My youngest is 14 and lives with me and it’s just the two of us. 

I really don’t like pictures of myself but this one is half-way decent so here’s me.

Guess what? I just did my very first blog entry! Yay for me!